Saturday, October 18, 2014

Floss Silk Tree (Ceiba speciosa and friends) Tour

One of my favorite Ceiba pix

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Bombacaceae (Bombax family) - 114 images at images, phylogeny, nomenclature for (Bombacaceae)
Bombacaceae (Bombax family) - 114 images at images, phylogeny, nomenclature for (Bombacaceae)
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A Ceiba relative that is the source of balsa wood. 

Seed and Plant Sources

Rare exotic tropical plants and seeds
A possible source of Adensonia seeds and plants.

B and T World Seeds
A French firm that sells thousands of types of seeds. 

Ceiba speciosa and its' shadow of fallen petals  -this one is located on Tallac knoll up above the Herb Garden. 


How To Tell the Difference Between the Four Arboretum Ceiba speciosa (was Chorisia speciosa)  Introductions.

More Pretty Pictures

Seedling Ceiba speciosa

Seedling Ceiba speciosa

Ceiba speciosa 'Los Angeles Beautiful'