Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Out in the Garden, April 24th 2018

It's still glorious out there. The Crescent garden's wildflower display is showing no signs of letting up. 
Crescent garden. 
 The view of the San Gabriel mountains from the event lawn is peppered with colorful plants in full bloom.
View from the event lawn. 
 Almost everywhere something's blooming, like this flowering almond tree near the west end of the Baldwin lagoon.
Flowering almond in a bed of Canna 'Tropicanna'

More Crescent wildflower goodness. 

Monkey flowers and Phacelia in the Crescent garden. 

Romanesco broccoli in the Crescent garden. 

A yellow faced bumble bee in the Crescent garden. 

Veltheimia in the South African section.  

Apricot Tabebuia Blooms Twice

Something I don't think I've seen before; our Apricot Tabebuias have bloomed twice. The first picture is of one the Apricot Tabebuias located on the road near the Tropical greenhouse taken February 14th. Then it went through its normal cycle and finally lost its blooms about a month later. 

Then, instead of re-leafing, it bloomed again! Below is a picture of the same Apricot Tabebuia taken today (almost 2 1/2 months later!). It has returned to full bloom instead of re-leafing, like it usually does, after the first bloom. 

Is this normal? Well I haven't seen it before, however that could be because I haven't noticed it before. This has been an early, and apparently long lasting spring. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

April Heat Brings Out the Blooms

Considering how meager our rainfall has  been (only 7" here so far), the recent cool weather has allowed those plants that are irrigated to develop lots of flower buds, and now the heat is popping those buds like crazy. A walk around the Crescent garden and the Meadowbrook section is like stepping into an impressionist painting. 
Crescent garden California poppies. 

Crescent garden California poppies. 

Left:  Snowball viburnum. Center and Right: the Kallam garden. 

The meadowbrook brook. 

Crescent garden California poppies. 

More Crescent garden California poppies. 

Crescent garden annual wildflower display (Leigh Adams on the left there). 

Crescent garden wildflower display. 

The Meadowbrook section brook. 

Crescent garden California poppies.