Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cool Pix I've Taken Here at the Arboretum 5-2017

Enjoy these pix I took over the last several weeks. Here is a map to get you to where these things are:

White, single petaled rose bush in front of the Rose Garden. 

Bottom: Matilija Poppy Top: Flowering California Buckeye

Cloudy day after the rain. 
Euphorbia resinifera contains a compound, resiniferatoxin, that is 16 Billion on the Scoveville scale of hotness. It can induce pain relief because its action kills nerve endings that produce pain. 

The Canary Island exhibit. 

Large patch of Aeonium growing under a Dragon palm in the Canary Islands exhibit. 

Asteriscus maritimis, commonly called the 'Gold Coin' flower, located in the Canary Island exhibit. 

The trail to the Zen deck located in the Meadowbrook section of the Arboretum.