Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sago Saga

Q. Here are the pics of my troubled Sago. I have 2 palms, about 10 ft apart. Both get approximately the same amount of sun, water, food, etc. Photos 1-3 are of the bad one. 4 is of the other, which seems to be doing "OK". I was giving them extra water during the recent heat wave. Also, both are in identical plastic tubs, which are drilled for drainage.

A. Did the damage coincide with the heat wave?

Q. My best guess is, probably.

A. I would wait to see if it gets any worse. If it’s sunburn from that last heat wave it shouldn’t. Also, you should eventually feed them with palm food, a specialized product with that can provide the nutrients that are most commonly deficient in Cycads (like Manganese, not to be confused with Magnesium).