Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tabebuia's In Bloom Now

You know spring is really here when the Tabebuias start blooming. Native to South America, they do very well here as moderate growing shade trees up to 50-60 feet tall. . Most of our specimens made it through the wind, although one very early blooming tree was severely damaged. We're keeping the tree, but it's not pretty. All that's left is a stump but hopefully that will grow back sufficiently to provide us material enough to make some cuttings. Before the wind snapped it in half you could see it blooming, always several weeks before all the other Tabebuias, behind the wedding gazebo located at the north end of the event lawn. Still the view from the lawn is spectacular, and a smaller Tabebuia located next to the carnivorous plants greenhouse has taken up the slack.

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