Friday, March 16, 2012

Pad Tours

Holding tablet with picture of work-in-progress at the Madagascar spiny forest exhibit showing; can this work on a sunny day also?
  I just tested an Andriod tablet as an interpretive device today and I was pleasantly surprised. I was giving a tour to a group of about 14 college students and I used the tablet to show pictures from a powerpoint presentation on the history of the Arboretum that I had uploaded to Google web albums (AKA Picasa web albums). The students were able to see the pictures, and navigating through the album was breeze. Now today was quite cloudy so there was no problem with glare -I am looking forward to trying this out on a sunny day and see if slighlty tilting the screen down and away from the viewers will eliminate the glare (should work unless the ground is snow white).
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