Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An Underground Cistern for Water Harvesting at the Arboretum

When you come to GROW! a Garden Festival here the first weekend of May you will be there for the grand opening of the re-designed Garden for All Seasons. Needless to say the contractors who are installing the garden are really putting the jets on in order to get ready for the only three and some fraction weeks away grand opening. Below are pictures I took the installation of the underground reservoir for the water harvesting system. Hopefully they'll be some rain for it harvest (but really hopefully not during the weekend of 'GROW!'). This is some really cool tech here, let me explain.

This is the hole that was dug for the cistern. It's about 6 feet deep.

Here you can see the crew from Exquisite Ponds & Gardens lining the hole with PVC to waterproof the sides and bottom of the cistern.

Here you see they have placed a bunch of plastic milk-carton like structural elements. These cage-like boxes make the cistern incredibly strong and resistant to collapse. I'll show you some more progress soon! Stay tuned.
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