Saturday, June 30, 2012

July Plant Information Class Will Be on the 11th at 1:30

Hey everybody just a reminder,  my plant information class held usually on the first Wednesday of the month,  will be held this month on the second Tuesday, July 11th at the usual time; 1:30 pm. This class is going to cover cactus and succulents. We're going to look at the major types of cactus and succulents (selected families and genus) and talk a little bit about strategies for developing a cactus and succulent garden like the ones you see at the Arboretum and the Huntington.  As always we're going to look at some of the most interesting, entertaining, and even strange plant information questions that the plant information volunteers and myself have fielded over the last month. I'm also going to be talking about a new pest, the 'shot hole borer'. This is an interesting pest that has already killed and damaged trees here in the San Gabriel valley.  you don't want to miss this meeting. Lastly,  it's hot, so were going to be, as usual, in the well air-conditioned plant information headquarters located in the library building here at the Arboretum. See you there!

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