Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Where Can I See Examples of Mediterranean Gardening?

Q. I'm designing/planting out my back yard mediterranean style here in Santa Clarita. Can you tell me where I can go and see a nice example of this landscape style? Somewhere open to the public?
I'm having a blast learning all about this type of garden!

Thanks, Jenny

A. Hi Jenny,

We have good examples of Mediterranean gardening here at the Arboretum. Our entryway, South African section, South African aloe walk, Demonstration Garden, Canary Island Exhibit and our Water Conservation Garden are all good examples of plant selection that is appropriate to our Mediterranean climate here. Our sister garden in Torrance, the South Coast Botanic Garden , has a Mediterranean garden and there is a public community garden, the Arlington Garden, whose eclectic style consists mostly of Mediterranean garden elements. Below are some examples of Mediterranean climate appropriate gardening here:

The Undersea Garden's plants are perfect for Mediterranean climates like ours. 

South Africa receives most of its rain in the winter and then stays mostly dry for the rest of the year. This is a true Mediterranean climate so many of the plants that grow there are perfect for Mediterranean gardens. Pictures above is the aloe trail winding through the South African plant collection here. The exaggerated colors are the result of the setting sun.  

Our Demonstration Garden, located fairly close to the Arboretum's entrance, has several small sections devoted to Mediterranean and California native gardening. 

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