Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mystery Plant Solved

About a week ago I was presented with the below pictures from somebody who wanted to know what the tree was.  They had seen and photographed the tree in Manila, the Phillipines. I observed that the leaves were somewhat like Albizzia julbissen  the Mimosa tree but the flowers appeared totally different. Knowing that the unkown tree was probably in the pea family (Fabaceae) I used to browse around that family. I found Parkia multijuga but that didn't seem to be exactly what I had. I then entered 'Parkia' into Google image search which brought up an image that looked like the plant I was looking at; Parkia javanica. Parkia javanica is native to southeast Asia and  is used medicinally there to treat Diarrhea and stomach infections. 
Photo of Parkia javanica flowers that I was asked to identify. 

Parkia javanica flowers that I was asked to identify.

Parkia javanica immature flowers. 

Parkia javonica flower that seems half eaten away. 

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