Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Plant Identification Links

Links for Plant ID Class

List of conifers and hardwood trees native to North America.
Full on University of Wisconsin course on plant identification and classification.
Very browsable list orders, families, genus and species with example photographs. Also includes usefull family key.
Gives you an idea of when plants evolved and what they are related to.
You can go through to genus starting from the kingdom Plantae.
Read the history of European plant classification.
Review terms you already know and learn new ones.
Part of, a great site for plant science and botanical ‘gee-wizz’ facts.
If it isn’t on this list, it isn’t. Includes links to online herbariums and the International Plant Name Index.
Another interactive key for finding families; a little easier to use than the one on
Mostly good for grasses
More of a poster that has some of the most common families identified by ovary position.
This is the source of our plant handouts.

Video Lectures

Various recorded video llectures on plant science and taxonomy.  

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