Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Columbia London Plane Tree Planted in Temple City

 I was rolling north on Rosemead boulevard and I had to stop the car and take a picture. Why? Because I thought a tree that I really like was being used in a street planting there in Temple City -the Mexican sycamore.  A real good choice by city landscape architects in my opinion; turns out however it was Platanus x acerifolia (Air.) Willd. 'Columbia' planted along side Rosemead blvd. Still a good choice, these hearty trees are more upright, less prone to leaf  problems, and don't drop as many leaves as their native California cousins. It's really nice to see such choice of tree being used on city streets. I can't wait till these  beauties reach their 50 foot maximum height. (Note: I had originally identified the tree as a Mexican sycamore -but found out that it was Platanus 'Columbia' when the city returned my call).

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