Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer Links

PSHB Online Resources

CISR: Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer

University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources PSHB Page
Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer - Pest and Disease Threats to Southern California Oaks

Don't Move Firewood Page on PSHB -Contains Native and Non-native Host List
Polyphagous shot hole borer | Don't Move Firewood

California Avocado Page on PSHB
Identifying the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer Beetle | California Avocado Commission

Article on Initial Public Conference on PSHB Held at UCR in August of 2012
Have you seen a Polyphagous shot hole borer lately? - Green Blog - ANR Blogs

UCR Power Point Presentation on Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer

UCR Today (UCR's online magazine) Article on PSHB -Includes Host List
UCR Today: New Invasive Beetle-fungus Complex Found in Riverside and San Diego Counties

UCR Page about Redbay Ambrosia Beetle
CISR: Redbay Ambrosia Beetle and Laurel Wilt

Study Group for Fungal-beetle Symbiosis
Ambrosia Symbiosis

Article on Native Bark and Ambrosia Beetles

Infrared Imaging Trade Group Page's Article on Thermal Detection of Insects
IR Thermography for the Pest Management Professional

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