Friday, August 22, 2014

Back from Vacation, Ate some Shrooms!

I just got married (to a wonderful woman who is, coincidentally, a master gardener) and I'm back from the honeymoon. We spent all last week in Mammoth Lakes, a beautiful mountain town and ski resort located in the eastern Sierra mountains. We were lucky as it rained the night we got there, providing some relief from the drought and bringing up some very tasty mushrooms. The first one below is Pine Bolete, the one below that and the cut mushroom ready for sauteing is Boletus edulis, also known as the Porcini in Italy and the Cepe in France. Boletus edulis is very tasty and its texture is one of the finest of any mushroom; slightly crunchy and meaty at the same time.

Pine bolete
Boletus edulis
Boletus edulis ready for sauteing. 

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