Thursday, May 5, 2016

Plant Advice for a London Flat

My London block of flats includes a small car park with small south facing 'sliver' garden.
Underground root development is not envisaged, due to semi-surface utility services, etc.
Is a mini-rock garden feasible at our low altitude ? (SW15 6BB.) What plants - self propagating subject to climate/survival possibilities would enhance such a small area ?
Any free advice you may offer would be appreciated. Sorry if you do not offer U.K. advice.
 I am Scottish retired from architecture, wife Japanese.

Thank You for any advice you may offer, Brian

Hi Brian,

You should be able to do amazing things where you are with Sempervivums.

Check out these links:

 As far as air pollution goes, most of these things work here and we have plenty of polluted air.

Cheers,   Frank

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