Saturday, October 22, 2016

Low Carbon Footprint Trees Links

Low Carbon Footprint Trees Talk Links:

Carbon dioxide emission footprint calculator and offset estimator
Formula calculates how much water each tree needs - Midland Reporter-Telegram
Hw much to water trees: SN900A_How-Much-Water.pdf
Irrigating Citrus Trees: az1151.pdf
Coast Live Oak Care and Management: cs_quag.pdf
UFEI - SelecTree: A Tree Selection Guide
Pacific Horticulture Society | The Most Majestic Southern California Oak
Oaks And Carbon Sequestration
UFEI - SelecTree: A Tree Selection Guide Quercus engelmannii
Mexican White Oak Growth Rate | Home Guides | SF Gate
Global Species : Quercus polymorpha (Mexican White Oak)
Article about carbon storing trees -most of these are terrible for Southern California: Eartheasy Blog » 10 Carbon-Storing Trees, and How to Plant Them
CarbonFootprintof of Water-RiverNetwork-2009.pdf
Impacts of Urban Water Conservation Strategies on Energy, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and Health: Making the case for recycled water: Southern California as a Case Study
Despite their huge psychological benefits, lawns are terrible wasters of water and producers of CO2 according to this article: Urban parks: a global warming downer? | Greenspace | Los Angeles Times
El Paso's favorite trees here: Texas Tree Facts
Find out what your Carbon Footprint is: CoolClimate Calculator

Englemann Oaks

Planting Engelmann Oaks
Our own senior biologist, Dr. Jim Henrich, tells us why Engelmann oaks are one of his favorites: Engelmann oaks, better than beautiful | L.A. at Home | Los Angeles Times

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