Friday, March 3, 2017

March Plant Information Soils Class Outline

I'd like to thank all who attended my soils class -here's a copy of the outline for you if you didn't get one in class:

The Universe Below: What You Need to Know, and the Amazing Things You Probably Don’t Know About How Soils Work
1.       Soil Formation
2.       Physical and Chemical Properties of Soil
a.       Soil types­
b.       Worm test
c.       Cation exchange capacity (Cal soils have high)
d.       Density
e.       Aggregates
f.        Porosity
g.       Rapid Backyard Composting
                                                               i.      ½ green, ½ brown
                                                             ii.      Not a good idea on natives and N sensitive plants
                                                           iii.      Pieces no larger than 1 inch
                                                           iv.      Turn, water and burn
h.       pH
i.         Salinity (drought related salt buildup)
j.         It’s a jungle down there (earthworms etc.)
k.       Fungi
3.       Soil and Water
a.       Soil Capacity
b.       PWP
4.       Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition
a.       Essential and secondary nutrients
5.       Fertilization of Garden Soil
a.       Organic vs. Inorganic
b.       Availability over time of O vs. I
c.       Containers
6.       Soil Properties
a.       Soil Amendment
b.       When and Where to Amend
c.       Rates
d.       Perc Test
e.       Preventing Soil Breakdown
                                                               i.      Planting, Wetting drying, Bacterial decomposition, Amendment
                                                             ii.      pH modifying
7.       Potting and Container Soil
a.       Perched water tables
b.       Osmotic potentials

c.       Drainage

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