Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pix From the Grounds

It's looking great out there now. These pix are from the last few days. One thing that stands out are the very early blooming Tabebuia impetiginosa trees (Pink trumpet trees) that are just spectacular all over the Arboretum. This is the earliest I have seem them blooming to this extent in the 20 years I've been here. 
Our orchid collection is starting to bloom more and more, and you can see some of them in the Tropical Greenhouse. 

The Australian section is starting to look good, with the yellow flowered Acacias leading the way. A note to the allergic (like me), Acacia pollen is a known allergen.
One of my favorite meditation spots is the bench under this Mountain White Gum; Eucalyptus dalrympleana.
Just west of the Australian section is the Canary Island exhibit. It is starting to bloom and will probably peak in a month or two.
The road to our Chinese-North American collection of trees and shrubs is flanked by these stone Korean steles.
The Kallam Garden looks good any time of the year, and now is no exception.
A yellow Chinese banana plant is blooming in front of the dark green leaves of an Aristolochia gigantea vine that is covering the old begonia greenhouse. 
This spectacular Pink trumpet tree is located just south of Ayres Hall.
A yellow flowered blooming magnolia (M. "Elizabeth") in the Meadowbrook section.
More of "Elizabeth"
Engelmann oaks on Tallac Knoll.
More Englemann's.
Yellow, wispish Palo Verde tree next to a contrasting grey Texas ranger bush.
A redwood growing next to running bamboo.
Another look at the Chinese banana bloom.

A strange looking orchid bloom in the Tropical Greenhouse.
Cacao pod.
The original permaculture garden located on the north side of the research building.
The remains of the huge Baldwin blue gum located on the north bend of the beltway road.
More Canary Island exhibit.
And even more Canary Island exhibit.
Gold coin plant in front of a Dragon tree.
The stairs to the top of Tallac Knoll.
Redbud blooming in the northern part of the Meadowbrook section.
More blooming redbud.
A respite in the tropical rainforest.
Wedding photos complete with a cast of Aloes.
A shady rest beckons under the oak tree next to the Garden for all seasons.
The San Gabriel mountains compete with a Pink trumpet tree for your awe.
A bright green Moringa tree may have trumped the mighty mountains, for now.
I'm calling this one a draw.
Wispy clouds and South African plants.
This Trumpet tree impresses near the Arboretum's entrance.
Wildflowers in the Crescent Garden.

Blooming 'Galaxy' magnolia.
A riot of color in the Meadowbrook section.
A time to contemplate redbuds.
A wall of South African plants.
San Gabriels meet South Africa.
South African Section, San Gabriel Mountains tied.

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