Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Possible Polyphagous Shothole Borer Infestation in Altadena

Visible ooze possibly from PSHB infestation.
I received an email from resident of Altadena who had just had a large oak transplanted this last November. The tree was not doing so well and he was wondering what was happening to the tree. Turns out the tree may be suffering from PSHB infestation. Pictures of the tree he sent me seem to show the typical 3-6 inch small oozing spots with sometimes discernable small white spots of sawdust surrounding small 1/8" holes in the bark. This is just a photo diagnosis so it is no way the final word on this tree. Although live oaks are known to be reproductive hosts for the PSHB, how destructive they might be to oaks in good health is still unknown.

3" by 2" ooze spot and entrance hole (midway on the left of the spot).
Oak trunk showing ooze spot.

Oak canopy showing thinning. How much of this thinning is due to PSHB is unknown; the tree was transplanted less than a year ago.
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