Friday, October 5, 2012

(Possible) Shot Hole Borer Blues

The Polyphagous shothole borer is starting to make the news, and rightly so. Just last week I found one of our Brazilian peppers possibly dead from the beetle/fungus combination. 

Brazilian pepper tree (Schinus terebinthifolius) that may have been killed by shot hole borer. 

Closeup of branch from possible shot hole borer infested Brazilian pepper tree. The dark stains may be from the Fusarium fungus that the beetle infects the tree with. 
This pest/fungus combination is starting to show up all over the place -it's quite an extensive infestation. Just before I started writing this post a gentleman called about his tree that was dying and emailed me some photos of it; it was a Box elder. Box elders have been the canary in the coal mine for this thing and his was located in Monrovia. I'll be writing more about it shortly, and I'm writing more extensive article about the infestation for the Arboretum website.

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