Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 25th Plant ID Class

We'll probably be looking at the following orders, families, genus and species:

·          Order Scrophulariales

o   Family  Bignoniaceae

§   Genus Handroanthus (Tabebuia)

§  Species impetiginosus (impetiginosa)

o   Family Plantaginaceae

§  Genus  Antirrhinum

§  Species majus 

Other selected families and genus in the Scrophulariales:

o    Family Acanthaceae 

§  Genus Acanthus

§   Species mollis

o   Family Scrophulariaceae

§   Genus Myoporum 

§   Species laetum

·        Order Lamiales

o   Family Lamiaceae

§  Genus Salvia

§  Species leucantha

o   Family  Verbanaceae

§  Genus Lantana

§  Species camera

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