Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Links for May 1st CAPCA Talk

PSHB Links
10.Mycologia Article about PSHB Associated Fusarium: Sign In
16.Review of Bark and Ambrosia Beetles in California:
17.Review on Effects of Climate Change on Ambrosia Beetle Populations: Review - Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology - Tom 14, Numer 2 (2011) - Biblioteka Nauki - Yadda
19.Update on PSHB Vietnamese Connection: PSHB Exploration in Vietnam | California Avocado Commission
24.Article on Huntington Botanic Garden Participation in PSHB Research:
25.Thermal Imaging and Pest Control: IR Thermography for the Pest Management Professional

Red Haired Pine Bark Beetle Links
29.US Forest Service Handout on Red Haired Bark Beetle:
32.IPM for Home Gardeners Handout on Bark Beetles:

Global Warming Ambrosia Beetle Link Paper

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