Friday, July 11, 2014

Perfumery Tour Links

Here are links to subjects covered by

 this Saturday's perfume tour:

Scientific Articles on Scemt

University of North Carolina Perfume Class Syllabus
Why Certain Smells Trigger Positive Memories | Psychology Today
The Science of Scent | Psychology Today

Luca Turin 
Luca Turin is an accomplished perfumer and a maverick biologists whose theories on scent and scent perception were at first rejected and are now being embraced by the scientific community. 
Luca Turin: The science of scent | Talk Video |

BBC Documentary on the Perfume Industry
Part 1 The history of perfumes. 
Part 2 The current state of the perfume industry (go to 20:20 for a very interesting vignette on perfume design and memory).
Part 3 The future of the perfume industry. 

Perfume Notes notes page

Do It Yourself Perfume
Perfumers Apprentice Perfume Kits for Learning the Basics
Essential Oils (K-L) - Essential Oils & Extracts - Our Products
A to K Certified Pure Essential Oils - Wholesale Supplies Plus

Perfume General
Basenotes - independent online guide to 20,000+ fragrances, with articles, fragrance news, fragrance reviews and more...

Allergies and Perfume
Allergic reactions trigger blow to perfume industry | euronews, reporter
BoDD (Botanical Dermatology Database) Home Page; for looking up plant allergies. 

Perfumers Who Took the Tour
Roxana Illuminated Perfume: We were privileged to have Roxana, a natural perfumer, on the tour with us. Roxana detailed the fascinating creative process she goes through in designing a perfume. 

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