Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Should She Remove A Wind-bent Fan Palm?

Spent most  of the day working on a new GIS system that will allow us to map the 326 lost trees in less than a weeks time -a real improvement over the 5 year mapping cycle that is the norm for our 14,000+ collection. Tomorrow the system gets a field check.

I had a call today from a Pasadena resident who noticed after the wind storm that her neighbors tall Mexican fan palm has a noticeable lean of almost 45 degrees. This is not necessarily a death sentence, as evidenced by the existence of many 45 degree leaning palms on the Arboretum grounds. There was, sometime in the late 1880's a horrific windstorm that blasted the San Gabriel valley, maybe the Arboretum's leaning palms were the result of this storm? At any rate since palms are so resilient you might say what doesn't kill them makes them stronger. Since she related that if the palm failed there would be no great consequence I suggested she enjoy her per-quaky palm.
Queen Anne Cottage (pre-windstorm) showing leaning, but stable Mexican fan palms. 

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