Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Starting to Get Back To Normal

After days of slogging through the debris covered cataloging and evaluating trees with senior biologist Jim Henrich some normalcy has occurred; I was able to give my monthly plant information class hold a small holiday party for my volunteers. At first it didn't look like it would happen. The damage looked so great here that it was thought that the Arboretum would be closed for months. That is not the case now, thanks to the efforts of a lot of different people in the county. Today we had crews from trail maintenance, county fire, and several others chain-sawing downed trees, cleaning up debris, and chipping limbs. Add to that the support and calls to offer assistance, and the press coverage of what has happened here, I never thought I'd be so hopeful as I am now...incredible progress is being made.

County Fire Camp 2 and 9 crews helping with the cleanup here at the Arboretum. 

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